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Being ridiculously efficient isn’t just about doing more in less time. 

It’s about understanding how you uniquely operate and influence others... then using this knowledge to maximize your results, stay motivated when life gets hectic, and unlock long-term time freedom


A Global Community of Fiercely Independent Professionals

Curated, emotionally intelligent strategies for survthriving in a complicated, ever-changing world. 

You are highly capable, talented and productive. Your bookcase (or Kindle) is loaded with self-help books to help you manage your time, yet the elusive Four-Hour Workweek is still out of reach. 

Perhaps your inbox is overflowing, or your calendar is loaded with a mixed bag of personal commitments and work obligations. Or maybe your Saturdays are spent catching up on work, laundry and sleep. 

You're not alone... and it's not your fault. 

High performers, especially ambitious ones, tend to take on more than most people. And because we often make it work, get it done, and produce the intended result, the cycle continues, and we enable our own exhaustion, stress and overwhelm. 

No surprise this proverb has circulated since the 1800s: "If you need something done, ask a busy person." 

The trouble is that we high performers don't have access to relevant, actionable wisdom on how to integrate life and work. 

Most business productivity books and time management "systems" are one-size-fits-all solutions that satisfy a very specific need. Many are disposable bandages that don't address why the wound happens in the first place. Or they're authored by gurus who regurgitate the same strategies they used back in 2008. 

The world is changing... faster every day. The rules on success, thriving and staying relevant are constantly being rewritten. 

The Ridiculously Efficient® methodology is totally different. It's a brand-new way of integrating work and life based on who you are, not just what you do

Inside our dedicated app and members' website, we curate unconventional, energizing perspectives on modern work-life alignment. We discuss topics like:

  • the types of work tasks we uniquely should work on, and key activities we should almost always delegate
  • how to use our "superhero skills" to create fulfilling careers and lifestyles
  • how to manage stress and improve resilience 
  • how to transition from "busy and burned out" to "fierce and fulfilled"
  • how to leverage transformative technologies and optimize virtual collaboration
  • everyday lifestyle hacking and "adulting" 

We Know, You're Busy. 

Community microlearning with a global perspective.

Ridiculously Efficient is a productivity microlearning platform in your pocket. Our members spend an average of 7 minutes on the site a day, perusing daily workflow and mindset shifts proven to optimize your performance and achievements... without making you do more work, do homework, or invest time you don't have into one more thing.

Unlike the echo chambers you find in so many online communities, our diversity is our strength. Ridiculously Efficient community members hail from the Americas to Zimbabwe. We value uniqueness and cherish the perspectives we gain by interacting with a wide variety of high performers.

Are You Ridiculously Efficient?

Ridiculously Efficient is a community where ambitious, resourceful professionals come together to receive the inspiration, connection, and unconventional strategies they need to simplify their lives. If these values resonate with you, we'd love to welcome you to our global family.

  • Autonomous: You are an entrepreneur, coach, successful freelancer (e.g. contractor), high-performance employee, or talented grad student who believes in living life your way, according to your unique rules. You work remotely, or live in an environment where you feel isolated from ambitious people like you.
  • Author: You desire a lifestyle of intention and freedom, where you alone define success and can renegotiate any situations or relationships that don’t serve your growth goals. 
  • Achiever: While you play well with others and embrace teamwork, you’re a natural leader, and it’s important for you to personally model excellence in work and life. You’ve accomplished more than a lot of your peers, and often have trouble relating with family members or longtime friends.
  • Authentic: You know who you are, and are courageous enough to be yourself versus compromising your values just to fit in.
  • Ambitious: You’re continuously growing and accelerating your superhero skills. You maintain an exceptional standard, and appreciate excellence when you see it. You believe your talent and results are keys that unlock a bigger, better future for yourself and your family.
  • Adaptable: You’re alert, curious and responsive, which helps you spot opportunities and threats that most people miss. You are rarely caught off guard. Your resilience is a secret weapon; you may be down, but never count you out.
  • Appreciative: You exhibit humility, respect and tact, and operate from a place of gratitude and love. You understand how to learn from anyone you meet, and can take useful insights from seemingly random places.

Marissa has changed my life. Dead serious. I’m personally working more efficiently and feeling more energized at work. I’ve been inspired to optimize a long-term strategy for my foundation by leveraging technology and community. My confidence as a leader has improved because I no longer feel alone — I feel empowered and supported. All of this, because I invested in the Ridiculously Efficient community and began implementing Marissa’s strategies and tactics I’ve learned from other members. The mindset reinforcement alone makes this investment an automatic HELL YES for any growth-oriented professional."

Christine Gould, Founder, Thought for Food

Unfair Advantages of Membership

1. Perspective-shifting insights, wherever you are. Members love our iOS and Android apps, or join us from any web browser. 

2. Meet like-minded high performers. Our global membership includes creators of all types: investors, entrepreneurs, nonprofit leadership, performance artists, trainers and coaches, writers, project managers and marketing all-stars. 🚀 

Our Members Near You feature gives you an easy escape during your next conference or work trip. Or join our Virtual Happy Hour meetups, community webinars and AMAs for live interactions with our team and members. 

3. Get immediately relevant feedback. Get selfish and ask your toughest questions about working and living excellently, and learn from peers around the world. Or use our private messaging feature to discuss anything you're not ready to share with the group.

About Our Founder

Hey there! I'm Marissa Brassfield, founder and work-life muse of Ridiculously Efficient®. 

By day, I'm a secret weapon for visionary entrepreneurs, helping them implement and communicate world-changing ideas. 

I've launched business units that have collectively driven hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, and shared tiny boardrooms with government figures, Fortune 100 executives, and global leaders like Peter Diamandis, Ray Kurzweil, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss and Arianna Huffington (and several other recognizable names I can't reveal due to confidentiality and discretion). I've been featured in print and online publications like Entrepreneur, Lifehacker, The Muse, the Huffington Post and Forbes.

In over a decade of working closely with world-renowned CEOs, I've gotten a hands-on education in the successful habits and power principles that you don't ever find in books or MBA programs. 

And I've also experienced burnout and the negative consequences of a life focused solely on high performance. Over time, even though I was making a great living, working hard alongside colleagues I loved, traveling luxuriously, and attending lavish, high-profile events... I felt unfulfilled. 

My marriage was hanging on by a thread, because every decision we made revolved around my work schedule. My body was rebelling against me because of the long-term stress. I self-medicated through shopping (for self-care items!), wine (it's biodynamic, so it's healthy!) and dining out (we deserve it!). 

I knew I had to make a change -- one that protected my finances and career, but also enabled the time freedom we needed to build a life independent from work. So in June 2019, I ended my contract with my biggest client, took 2.5 months off, and started over. 

Here's what's important... I took a few secrets with me. Ones I haven't revealed since The Decision. 

These secrets are what separate "busy yet talented people controlled by others" from "people who are authoring their own lives with true freedom of time." 

They are the same for you and me as they are for self-made centimillionaires and billionaires: 

  • Understand what's important in the short and long term
  • Standardize, optimize and prioritize everything you can
  • Increase the value of your time by leveraging your best talents

During my hiatus, I completely reengineered my relationships with time, my husband, my work and career, and my body. My marriage is stronger and happier than ever, and we're expecting our first child in 2020. I'm finally in a place where I can confidently say I'm doing my best work and living my best life. No more tradeoffs. 

With the Ridiculously Efficient Community, my goal is to help you renegotiate your relationships for true time freedom, in a way that's authentic to your lifestyle and your passions.

My Why is to inspire a higher operational standard. I believe we become Ridiculously Efficient® when we've aligned work and life to leverage our individual superpowers, and our relationship with time changes as a natural byproduct of this connected alignment

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. The future I want to live in is filled with people who spend each day feeling fulfilled and energized, rather than overwhelmed, burned out and exhausted... because creativity and imagination are how we change the world.

Here's my promise to you, and what you'll get as a member of this community:

  • Access to my superpowers in creating routines, structures and boundary conditions -- the everyday "rules of the game" that enable your best, most reliable outcomes.
  • Energy and wisdom from my passions: workplace power dynamics, complex interpersonal communication, and elegantly communicating complex ideas.
  • Inspiration and realness from my perspectives on work, life, persevering through setbacks, teamwork, parenting, and everything in between.

You'll also have access to my tribe of high performers from around the world, each with their own passions and superpowers. 

The insider knowledge, experience-based wisdom and elite mentorship within this private space will help you level up every aspect of your life.

"It is not every day that we cross paths with someone whose vision is so sharp and well formulated that it can change the way we see things. That is exactly what happened to me when Marissa Brassfield and her Ridiculously Efficient platform came into my life. Whenever I encounter a professional situation that has me feeling stuck or unsteady, Marissa is a source I can turn to for clarity and guidance. She has an awe-inspiring way of helping me focus on key takeaways, while I successfully let go of the rest. Marissa and her RE community have helped me launch a successful freelance career, and have given me the courage to embrace my entrepreneurial spirit. I don't know where I would be without her."  

Melody Alderman, single mom, freelance writer, and
Founder/President of The MONARCH TRAIN

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