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Expand your credibility, freedom and impact while decreasing complexity and overwhelm.

Ridiculously Efficient

What is Ridiculously Efficient®?

Ridiculously Efficient® is an exclusive advisory and mentorship program with Marissa Brassfield focused on intelligently integrating your work, life, family and future with elegance, simplicity and sophistication. 

Over the course of the program, we focus on developing the mindset, strategic framework and operating system to drive maximum excellence, fulfillment and impact... with less stress, a better family dynamic, and more time freedom.

Advisory Program Elements

Curated, Time-Tested and Emotionally Intelligent Strategies for Survthriving in a Complicated, Changing World

The world is changing... faster every day. The "rules" and tools for personal and professional growth, team communication, marketing and positioning, motivation, and time management are constantly evolving. 

When you're the one everyone counts on to deliver results, you cannot afford to waste time figuring out what's going to work in your situation. 

Ridiculously Efficient® is a one-of-a-kind system that supports and supercharges high-performance startup leadership, entrepreneurial team leaders, and mission-critical staff.  

Our methodology is totally different. It's a brand-new way of integrating work and life based on who you are, not just what you do

In the Ridiculously Efficient® Advisory Program, we curate unconventional, energizing perspectives on modern work-life alignment, including areas like:

🗺 Professional Road Map: A personalized plan and vision for the types of work tasks you uniquely should work on, key activities you should almost always delegate, and proven language to increase credibility so you can advocate and negotiate more effectively.

💪🏼 Skill Development: Tactical tips to leverage your "superhero skills" to optimize your time, increase your credibility and authority, work more effectively, refocus and motivate yourself, and prioritize in the moment. 

🧠 Self-Management: Manage stress, improve your everyday resilience, and master task management so you never get nagged again.  

👩🏽‍💻 Technology Training: How to use powerful digital tools to build remote relationships, organize team communication, and optimize virtual collaboration.

💼 Resources: Thinking tools, templates, recommended apps, and go-to resources to help you make progress fast.

💞 Family Integration: Personalized routines, experiments, and curated resources that strengthen your family dynamic and help you enjoy your downtime. 

🌍 Connections & Community: Meet like-minded, ambitious professionals from around the world.  

🌟 ...and Whatever We Dream Up Together!

Who Are We Looking For?

Are You Ridiculously Efficient?

The Ridiculously Efficient® Advisory Program is for six entrepreneurially minded operators who want to take their leadership and implementation skills to the next level.  

If these values resonate with you, we'll get along beautifully.

  • Autonomous: You are a lynchpin in a dynamic environment. You work remotely, or live in an area where you feel isolated from people like you.
  • Author: You desire a lifestyle of intention and freedom where you're in charge. 
  • Achiever: You’re a natural leader who thrives on momentum. Your ambitions and achievements are exceptional; because of this, you may feel isolated from family or longtime friends.
  • Authentic: You know who you are, and are courageous enough to be yourself and stand out from the pack.
  • Ambitious: You believe your potential is limitless, and are constantly looking for ways to grow and challenge yourself to improve.
  • Adaptable: You’re alert, curious and responsive, which helps you spot opportunities and threats that most people miss. 
  • Appreciative: You're coachable, tactful and know how to turn on the charm when needed. You operate from a place of gratitude and love. 

Ridiculously Efficient® Advisory Program Overview

The Program is limited to six high performers. Here's a preview of your experience:

WEEK 1 - 60-min Strategy Session: Together, we'll review your current activities, calibrate your goals and vision, create a plan and vision for your work-life integration, and co-create a strategy to move forward.

MONTH 1 - Clarity and Confidence: 

  • Create Time ⌚️Launch your first work-life efficiency experiment to increase your time freedom.
  • Resources 📚 Personalized walkthrough of resources from the Ridiculously Efficient® platform, including mini-courses, challenges and tools designed to help you prioritize your activities, innovate past obstacles, and manage competing deadlines.
  • Connections 👩🏽‍💻 Key introductions and access to business specialists, coaches and like-minded peers.

MONTHS 2-6 - Momentum: 

  • One-on-One Support 💫 In monthly mentorship and accountability sessions, you'll get personalized coaching to troubleshoot challenges, calibrate your strategy in real time, and optimize your freedom of time, money, purpose and significance.
  • Mindset and Modeling 🦸🏽‍♀️ Marissa and her network will help you avoid expensive mistakes, manage your fears, and improve the discipline to elegantly integrate your work, life, family and future. 
  • Exclusive Experiences 🧳 Join Marissa on a quarterly family-friendly experience designed to recharge your spirit, nourish your creativity, enjoy nature, and connect with others living the Ridiculously Efficient® lifestyle. 

MONTH 7 ON - Continuation:

Community: Continue the conversation with monthly community webinars, masterclasses and live Happy Hours.

Experiences: Advisory alumni are always invited to a Ridiculously Efficient® experience. You're part of our family!

Ridiculously Efficient® Testimonials

 Marissa has changed my life. Dead serious. I’m personally working more efficiently and feeling more energized at work. I’ve been inspired to optimize a long-term strategy for my foundation by leveraging technology and community. My confidence as a leader has improved because I no longer feel alone — I feel empowered and supported. All of this, because I invested in Ridiculously Efficient and began implementing Marissa’s strategies and tactics. The mindset reinforcement alone makes this investment an automatic HELL YES for any growth-oriented professional."

Christine Gould, Founder, Thought for Food Foundation

"It is not every day that we cross paths with someone whose vision is so sharp and well formulated that it can change the way we see things. That is exactly what happened to me when Marissa Brassfield and Ridiculously Efficient came into my life. Whenever I encounter a professional situation that has me feeling stuck or unsteady, Marissa is a source I can turn to for clarity and guidance. She has an awe-inspiring way of helping me focus on key takeaways, while I successfully let go of the rest. Marissa has helped me launch a successful freelance career, and has given me the courage to embrace my entrepreneurial spirit. I don't know where I would be without her."  

Melody Alderman, single mom, freelance writer, and
Founder/President of The MONARCH TRAIN

About Marissa Brassfield, Your Secret Weapon

Hey there! I'm Marissa Brassfield, founder and work-life muse of Ridiculously Efficient®. 

By day, I'm a secret weapon for visionary entrepreneurs, helping them simplify, communicate and implement world-changing ideas. These private clients typically invest $35K to $50K to work with me for two weeks and leverage my superpowers in:

📣 Brand & Platform Creation: Over the last decade, I've created strategies, launched products, organized experiences, and recruited teams that have collectively driven hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for Fortune 100 executives and global leaders like Peter Diamandis. 

🎤 Experience Design: As an international event producer and showrunner, my stages have been the playground for leaders like Ray Kurzweil, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Tom Bilyeu, as well as executives from Microsoft, Uber, HTC China, and IBM Watson. 

💻 Content Strategy: As a high-performance writer and content marketer, I have over 15,000 online articles published under my name and several thousand ghostwritten articles produced for some of the names above. 

🎙 Thought Leadership: My opinions and perspectives on productivity have been featured in print and online at Entrepreneur, Lifehacker, The Muse, the Huffington Post and Forbes.

In 10+ years of working closely with high-profile CEOs, I've gotten a hands-on education in the habits and power principles you don't ever find in books or MBA programs. 

And I've also personally experienced the myriad of consequences of poor work-life integration. After burning out for the last time, in June 2019, I embarked on a nine-month reinvention and renegotiated every relationship in my life. 

Now, I'm doing my best work and living my best life. 

No more tradeoffs.

Here's what's important... I took a few secrets with me on how to reinvent without losing credibility

These secrets are what separate "busy yet talented people controlled by others" from "people who are authoring their own lives with true freedom of time." 

They are the same for you and me as they are for self-made centimillionaires and billionaires: 

  • Establish your reputation by developing a results-oriented personal brand and consistently delivering excellent results
  • Standardize, optimize and prioritize for maximum time and energy efficiency
  • Increase the value of your time by leveraging your best talents, advocating for yourself, and pouncing on growth opportunities

Easier said than done... which is why I created the Ridiculously Efficient® Advisory Program. It's the only environment dynamic and flexible enough to discuss the everyday challenges of a high-performance life. 

My goal is to help you renegotiate your life for true time freedom, in a way that's authentic to your values and your passions.

My WHY is to inspire a higher operational standard. I believe we become Ridiculously Efficient® when we've aligned work and life to leverage our individual superpowers, and our relationship with time changes as a natural byproduct of this connected alignment

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. The future I want to live in is filled with people who spend each day feeling fulfilled and energized, rather than overwhelmed, burned out and exhausted... because creativity and imagination are how we change the world.

Here's my promise to you, and what you'll get from me as a member of this community:

  • Access to my superpowers in creating routines, structures and boundary conditions -- the everyday "rules of the game" that enable your best, most reliable outcomes.
  • Energy and wisdom from my passions: workplace power dynamics, complex interpersonal communication, and elegantly communicating complex ideas.
  • Inspiration and realness from my perspectives on work, life, persevering through setbacks, teamwork, parenting, and everything in between.

The insider knowledge, experience-based wisdom and elite mentorship you'll receive will help you level up every aspect of your life.

Our Guarantee

Turbocharge Your Time Management With a Free Trial Month

This program is about actionable growth, which is why we offer a 30-day guarantee. 

If you're not experiencing a noticeable shift in your work-life alignment in Month 1 of your Ridiculously Efficient Advisory Program experience, we'll refund your investment.

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